(Pre-order) AF300 MoonRock Air Backpack – Dark Blue (Free Power Bank)

(Pre-order) AF300 MoonRock Air Backpack – Dark Blue (Free Power Bank)

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MoonRock Air, an innovative backpack with a unique adjustable heat dissipation system and 3D ergonomic design is now available, bringing users much needed breezy cool and comfort against scorching heat.

Regular users have to endure sweaty back and sticky clothes while carrying their backpacks under blistering hot and humid weather. It is even more unbearable when you are hurrying to a business meeting or meet with your friends. With the brand new MoonRock Air, which comes with a built-in self-cooling system, now you can stay cool and fresh at all times.

This top-of-the-line smart backpack also adopts 3D ergonomic design to provide a proper fit for users of different heights and sizes, therefore improve user posture and overall comfort. It is made with recyclable materials, equipped with multiple compartments to protect all belongings, and a USB and DC power output device to meet travel needs. With a whopping capacity of 20 cubic litres and a refreshing minimalist outlook, MoonRock Air is a must-have item for professionals or casual users alike.

Unique Active Ventilation System and Ergonomic Air Flow Design for Optimal Cooling Effect_x000b_To achieve the best air ventilation and heat dissipation effects, MoonRock Air has a powerful built-in cooling fan, through which air will be let in one-way and evenly flowing out through specially designed air channels to dissipate heat right away.

These air channels, together with the sewn-in smart ventilation pad, will then generate an optimal ergonomic air flow whereas air actively circulating between user’s back and the backpack, thus keeping user cool and reducing sweating while in motion.

The active ventilation system can work up to 5 hours with a power bank, long enough to last for a busy day. It can be easily controlled by a remote sensor with just a click, allowing users to choose the low, medium or high level according to different temperatures to obtain maximum comfort.


Innovative 3D Ergonomic Design for Protection and Comfort
MoonRock Air comes with an innovative butterfly buckle design, through which users can easily adjust the shoulder straps according to their height and size for a perfect spinal fit and comprehensive protection of the vertebra, while muscles of the body do less work and uncomfortable pressure points are relieved.

The 3D ergonomic-designed shoulder straps are padded with high density foam and breathable. Even with a heavy load, they can enable the backpack weight to be evenly distributed onto the user’s shoulder and thorax, therefore reducing the stress of putting the weight on just a particular body part.

To best match the user’s height for comfortable carry, the position of shoulder straps can be adjusted to L, M, and S accordingly, all easily done by the butterfly buckle design.

To further ensure comfort and safety, the distance between the two shoulder straps can be adjusted based on user’s build. It can prevent the shoulder straps from being too close to the neck of user to cause discomfort, or falling off user’s shoulder.

The shoulder strap can also automatically adjust the appropriate angle according to the shoulder tilt of different users, making the shoulder strap fit the shoulders perfectly.

In addition, MoonRock Air has a 6° inclination bottom design towards the user’s back. It tilts the backpack’s contents forward and transfers the backpack centre of gravity closer to the user, ensuring proper posture and protection of the vertebra.

Convenient Multiple-Purpose Power Output Device for Travel Needs
One of the most important concerns when you are on the road is running out of power for your devices. MoonRock Air is equipped with a USB and DC power output device to recharge your mobile phone readily. It can also provide power supply for devices with 12V/2A power requirement, such as notebook computer and massage belt.

Large Carrying Capacity with Multiple Compartments for Maximum Protection
MoonRock Air offers a generous 20 cubic litres capacity to hold all your belongings, from notebook computer (up to 16 inches), tablet, power cords, documents, sunglasses, umbrella, bottled water to your keys. There are multiple compartments for you to separate and organise your belongings properly.
To prevent electronic pickpocketing, there are RFID-blocking pockets for important items with personal information, such as your IDs and credit cards.

Upstanding Design to Hold All Items Inside Perfectly in Place
The wing-shaped base plate and 6° inclination bottom design keeps MoonRock Air straight and never fall. Everything inside will be kept in place perfectly. The backpack can be easily stored and takes less space.
MoonRock Air comes with a contemporary minimalist outlook, easily complementing both professional and casual attire.

Butterfly Mechanism
The innovative butterfly mechanism enables users to easily adjust the shoulder straps according to their height and body type. The perfect spinal fits facilitates comprehensive protection of the vertebrae.

Ergonomic Shoulder Straps
The 3D ergonomic shoulder straps are padded with breathable high-density foam. This enables the weight of the backpack to be evenly distributed onto the user’s shoulder and thorax.

Active Air Flow
MoonRock Air has a powerful built-in cooling fan. Air is circulated in a single direction and evenly flows out through specially designed channels that effectively dissipates heat.

Remote Control
The ventilation system has three levels of power that may be operated with a remote control like a car key. It is located on the shoulder strap for easy access.

6 degree Inclination Design
The backpack is designed to incline 6°towards the user’s back. This tilts the backpack’s contents forwards and transfers the backpack’s centre of gravity towards the user, ensuring proper posture and spinal protection.

Temperature Down
Heat is dissipated effectively with the powerful hidden fan and three specially designed wind channels.

10000 mAh Battery
The cooling system is able to operate for up to 5 hours with a certified 10,000mAh power bank.



Volume: 19L

Dimensions: 43 x 30 x 20 cm [H/W/D]

Expected delivery date: November